2018 Protein Powder Study


Clean Label Project™ completed a study of 134 protein powder products from 52 brands. Products were screened for over 130 toxins including heavy metals, BPA, pesticides, and other contaminants with links to cancer and other health conditions.


Clean Label Project had the top-selling protein powder products – animal-based, whey, and plant-based – tested and reviewed by a third party analytical chemistry laboratory for industrial and environmental contaminants and nutritional superiority elements like antioxidant activity.


Every product tested is displayed in the product ratings with a rating of one, three or five stars so you can look up the products you purchase—and make informed future purchasing decisions based on science rather than marketing terms and manufacturer supplied data. Every brand is then rated so you can know the overall brand quality based on the products tested compared to other brands.


  1. Demand better! Sign our petition to demand transparency in labeling from the FDA
  2. Be a Conscious Consumer! Research the products you buy on cleanlabelproject.org and share our “shopping lists” with friends and family. And look for a Clean Label Project certification emblem on products you purchase.
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  6. Speak to your pediatricians! If you are concerned about your child's exposure to industrial & environmental contaminants, your pediatrician may run a complete blood count and chemistry panel to assess overall organ function and blood counts.




        PW1 Vanilla Pure Whey Protein






             Vanilla 100% Whey Protein





          Super Advanced Vanilla 100% Whey Protein






       Pro Whey + (Sabor Vanilla) Sabor Vanilla Protein with Amino Beads





     5.Pure Protein

             Vanilla Cream 100% Whey




   1. Vega

          Sport Plant-Based Vanilla Performance Protein




       2. 360Cut

               Performance Supplements 360PRO WHEY Chocolate Silk Premium Whey Protein



 3. Quest

      Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder




  4. Nature's Best

         ISOPURE Creamy Vanilla Zero Carb




  5. Garden of Life

          Organic Shake & Meal Replacement Chocolate Cacao
          Raw Organic Meal



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