Many pet owners have had a similar experience: a beloved pet is diagnosed with cancer and veterinarians aren’t able to determine the cause . That’s why the Clean Label Project™ needs data from pet parents who have or have had a dog or cat that was diagnosed with cancer- to examine the data and any correlations that can be made between their food and types of cancer.

Clean Label Project™ hopes to get as many participants as possible- and we encourage everyone who has had a dog or cat diagnosed with cancer in the last 10 years to participate in this important survey!

Pet Cancer Survey

Pet Cancer Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following survey. We believe gathering this information will provide real insight into the current pet cancer epidemic. Please fill this survey out for one pet at a time.

If you have had multiple pets with suspected or confirmed cancer, there will be an option to repeat this form for each pet at the bottom of the survey.

All of your answers & personal information will remain private.


About your pet!

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