Pentobarbital in Pet Food

The Clean Label Project 2017 Pet Food Study analyzed the contents of pet food products from America’s top-selling brands and determined that each contained toxins including heavy metals, BPA, pesticides, and other contaminants with links to cancer and other health conditions in animals.  A recent Ellipse Analytics report identified that some of these products tested positive for the presence of pentobarbital - a barbiturate used to euthanize animals.

Consumer Perspective

  • These recalls are terrifying and causing greater concern than ever about the health and welfare of my pets
  • How do we know what is actually in the food we feed our pets?

Industry Perspective

  • Recalls cause questioning of food safety, quality, and ethics of America’s top selling pet food brands, resulting in loss of consumer trust
Pentobarbital is a euthanasia drug– it has no place in pet food. HERE is the list of products that have been tested and how they have faired.
Don't see your product on the list?  Call your brand and have them get that product tested.  If they say it was tested, have them prove it with a test report.
Have questions about pentobarbital, the effects, regulations, and what you can do to protect your pets and make your voice heard, click HERE for Consumer FAQs.
It's great that your pet food product doesn't have pentobarbital in it, but what about heavy metals and pesticide residues.  Click HERE to see the 2017 Clean Label Project Pet Food Study results, where we analyzed over 1,100 of America's top-selling products.

Given the increase in consumer demand for transparency, it isn’t surprising that skeptical consumers continue to demand more from brands.  Specifically, they are demanding that pet food brands produce products free from euthanasia drugs - like pentobarbital.

In response, Clean Label Project is offering a new element in our Certification Program: Clean Label Project Code of Practice: Pet Food (Supplement I: Pentobarbital-free) Certification, which outlines compliance documentation, supplier assurance, routine testing, and marketing requirements and guidelines.

Manufacturers, co-manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers across the Pet Food market are eligible to apply.  This will further allow high performing brands an opportunity to communicate their commitment to ingredient quality AND provide consumers assurance that the product has been independently tested and certified.

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