California Proposition 65 – An Important Health and Safety Regulation

Guest Post by Dr. Sean Callan, Director of Operations and Quality at Ellipse Analytics June 3, 2018 I’m grateful to Clean Label Project for allowing me to speak here on their site about an important, but poorly understood, topic. At Ellipse Analytics, we believe that science and data can change the conversation around food safety by … Continued

Acrylamide Found in Brewed Coffee Analyzed

Undetectable Levels of Acrylamide Found in Brewed Coffee Analyzed by National Nonprofit Focused on Transparency in Labeling Clean Label Project A newly proposed coffee cancer warning may be over-reaching. The Clean Label Project found brewed coffee it recently tested in conjunction with the third-party analytical chemistry laboratory, Ellipse Analytics, contained levels of acrylamide below their … Continued

Clean Label Project Sets the Record Straight

Conspiracy theories abound, but it’s hard not to notice that all the criticism is coming from the industry from which we just scientifically proved is selling products with industrial and environmental contaminants exceeding government limits. Clean Label Project sets the record straight.     From accusations of not being transparent with funding to not sharing … Continued

Clean Label Project’s Response to Whole Dog Journal

 by Jaclyn Bowen, MPH, MS Executive Director   The Clean Label Project believes in looking beyond the label and evaluating products on the basis of real, scientific data. I’m writing this today to set the record straight and to re-affirm what we’ve always said here at the Clean Label Project: Less environmental and industrial contaminants … Continued

Clarifying Clean Label Project’s Data Policies

So what's the deal with not posting raw data?    Based on the feedback received from consumers, Clean Label Project and Ellipse Analytics, the third partner analytical chemistry testing laboratory that completed the testing, we have released the heavy metal blinded raw data. You can see that here. We have posted the raw data on our … Continued

Orijen Averages

As you can see, the Orijen dry cat foods we tested average over 1,000 ppb of arsenic, approximately ten times the industry average for cat food. Read More…

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