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Average of 103 products tested for this brand: 2.3 Stars


Product Purity

Other sites perform label reviews to assess product quality. With the help of Ellipse Analytics, an independent analytical testing lab, Clean Label Project rates products based on laboratory tests for more than 75 environmental and industrial toxins such as toxic metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and nickel), antibiotic-residues, 60+ pesticide residues, BPA/BPS, melamine, mycotoxins, and acrylamides.

There is little to no regulation concerning industrial and environmental contaminants in dog and cat foods. We understand that because of naturally occurring metals and the contamination of air, water and soil that no food product can be 100 percent free of unwanted contaminants, but the less industrial and environmental toxins and contaminants, the better. Product Purity evaluates the quantities of contaminants of products.

A low Product Purity indicates this product has below average test results. This means that it is high in contaminants compared to others in its category. A high Product Purity indicates this product has above average test results because it is low in industrial and environmental toxins and contaminants compared to others in its category.

Product Value

In speaking with consumers, we know that you are looking for pet foods with more good stuff and less bad stuff at a fair price. More expensive products are not always better. We have found that the cleanest ingredients can be found across all price points. Product Value is the Product Purity relative to the price of the product. We want you to know that you are getting the best bang for your buck. A low Product Value indicates that you may not be getting the best possible deal. A high Product Value indicates the product is a good price for the quality.

Product Nutrition

We know you want a quality, nutritious food for your dog or cat. While it’s always best to consult your veterinarian for your pet’s specific nutritional needs, we have created a system to help. Not all pet food ingredients are created equal– some products use preservatives, artificial colors or chemicals, while other products do not. Some products are dedicated to using quality meats, vegetables, and starches, while others use loopholes to include lower quality ingredients. Our ingredient quality system captures this, rewarding products for using a smaller number of quality, transparent ingredients rather than a large number of less regulated ingredients.

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