The five star system is our way of telling you how contaminated your pet’s food is compared to the rest of the products we tested. The stars are not arbitrary, but the result of a carefully developed system. We developed this system in conjunction with data scientists, veterinarians, chemists and using survey data from over a thousand consumers just like you to synthesize the thousands of data-points collected on each product to make it easier to interpret and use the data in a meaningful way. Our system is designed to save time — distilling thousands of pieces of information into a single rating.

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We want pet lovers and consumers to understand that this is an industry wide issue. The rating system is designed to show that the toxins and contaminants are not isolated to large corporations—or small independent companies. Brands can easily have one product on the top ten list and another receive a one star rating. There is no list of ‘great brands’ that are reliably free of toxins across the board. We understand the inclination to switch foods in an attempt to raise the purity level—but the truth is, the entire industry needs to change the way they do business for there to be consistent, positive change for your pets, for our pets, and our nation’s pets.
We want to be transparent with you, because we know that completing our mission of changing the conversation around pet food safety requires your help. With that in mind, here’s how we do the star ratings: Here at Clean Label Project, we “grade on the curve,” which means we decided to base our star system on how well a product fared compared to the rest of the products. A five star product, then, will have lower overall contaminant levels compared to three star products. A three star product, in turn, will have lower contaminant levels than a one star product. How much lower? Check out these graphs and see for yourself!


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