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Our Process

The Magnified Baby Food List is the result of what we believe is the most comprehensive analysis of baby food contaminants to date. Only Clean Label Project™ tests for 130 contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, BPA, etc. This information is not found on food labels and that is why CLP created the "Magnified List". 19 percent of the 628 products meet the standards established by our Medical Advisory Board. Click on the categories to the left to become more informed!


Our Findings

  • Significant differences in toxin levels exist across products. While no product is contaminant free, the bottom 19% of products contain significantly more toxins than the top 19%:
    • Greater than 6 times the levels of lead.
    • More than 14 times the levels of arsenic.
    • Almost 6 times more BPA concentration.
  • Organic is not everything. Certification evaluates the food production process, not the food product that babies actually eat. While pesticides and GMOs are important, they are only part of the story. CLP has tested finished products off the grocery store shelves for the full contaminant list.
  • More expensive is not always better. CLP's list proves that food manufacturers can produce high quality food at every price point.

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