Committed to the Cause

We are dedicated to enlisting suppliers, manufacturers and retailers who share our vision of a cleaner food supply for everyone.

This is a complex issue that admittedly takes a good deal of effort to make products better.  It all starts with sharing the same values and a commitment to continuous improvement.  With everyone working together, we can have cleaner, safer products.

Are you Committed to the Cause?

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Committed to the Cause Partners

  • Recognize the environmental and public health benefits of being mindful and reducing contaminants in products whenever and wherever possible. Agree that food safety goes beyond the typical thinking of the safe handling, storing and preparing of food to prevent infection and disease to also include the long term potential adverse health impacts that come from food impurities
  • Agree that a final product is only as good as the ingredients put into it and will incorporate contaminant thresholds into product specifications by January 1, 2020.
  • Know that what gets measured, get done and are actively committed to the implementation of rigorous testing and putting quality assurance systems in place by January 1, 2019.
  • Are part of the cleaner supply chain solution, and use their market leadership to educate and influence to improve the supply chain for all.

We are proud to have the following organizations Committed to the Cause

Committed to the Cause

Nature’s One is a pioneer in the industry, creating the first organic baby formula in 1999. Nature’s One is dedicated to creating the very best in organic and nutritional science. Inspired by their purity commitment, they take contaminants in their products seriously. 4/5 or 80 percent of their products tested made our list. Nature’s One embodies the care taken to be better for our babies and our environment.

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