The Clean Label Project™ Code of Practice looks for substances that would never be found on a product label.

Unlike other standards and protocols, the Clean Label Project Code of Practice independently samples and performs unannounced routine finished product testing to provide consumers additional assurance as to the quality/purity of products they ingest, put on their skin, or use in their household.


• Independent Routine Unannounced Sampling/Testing

• Proof of Food Safety/GMP Certification

• Supplier Assurance Program (suggested)

• Contaminant Tolerances in Product Specifications (suggested)

Contaminants Evaluated

Toxic Metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and Nickel)


60+ pesticide residues





Traditional certification is process based with on-site auditing and significant documentation trails. With the Clean Label Project Code of Practice Certification, we simulate the true consumer experience through real-world unannounced retail sampling and analytical chemistry testing on the finish product.

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