Additional Tests

At the Clean Label Project, we are continually expanding our test categories so that concerned consumers can know more about the contents of all the food and products they buy for themselves and their families. In addition to large category tests, like baby food and pet food, we also do special projects to coincide with the holidays or chemicals of concern that are especially relevant.


Learn more about the test results of our special studies below…

What We Tested

Why Hot Dogs?

  • NBC reported that over the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend over 7 billion hot dogs were consumed.
  • The MLB estimated that over 19.4 million hot dogs would be consumed by baseball fan attendees this year.
  • According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council 150 million were consumed on 4th of July.

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Protein Powder

Coming 2018


Coming 2018


Coming 2018

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