Educating consumers about the truth behind the label.

Clean Label Project™ (CLP) helps consumers understand what’s in the products they purchase, including contaminants you would never find on product ingredient labels. Products are tested for 130 harmful toxins and the results are published on the Magnified Lists.

Baby Food

Dog & Cat Food

New lists coming in 2017

Our Process

CLP buys and tests hundreds of products representing the top 90% of best-selling products in the magnified category.

Products are blind-tested in an independent lab, with results verified by two other labs.

Blinded data is analyzed by our Medical Advisory Board.

CLP publishes only the cleanest brands, which is 20% of all products tested.

What We Test For


Arsenic is a chemical element that is a potential human carcinogen. It can affect the growth, immune response and neurodevelopment of infants.


Cadmium is a naturally occurring toxic heavy metal that, like arsenic and lead, is found in water and soil.


A harmful toxic heavy metal, lead poisoning can cause stunted growth and kidney damage.


Mercury is a metal that occurs naturally in the environment, but is also tied to pollution, farming, industrial practices and manufacturing

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